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How Do Public Adjusters Find Jobs in Atlanta?

June 7, 2021

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Public adjusters in Atlanta don’t simply apply for a job at a local firm and expect to be negotiating with insurance companies starting the next day! The insurance industry is governed by a long list of laws and, while adjusters are not attorneys, they do need to be familiar with all the laws that affect their line of work.

Note a few details about how public adjusters find jobs in Atlanta and what their work entails, if you’re considering choosing this career. This can also help property owners appreciate the benefits of hiring an adjuster when it’s time to negotiate with their insurance provider!

What Do Public Adjusters in Atlanta Do?

public adjusters in Atlanta

First consider what public adjusters in Atlanta do, and this can better help you understand what’s required of them by the state in order to work in this chosen field! Public adjusters typically first start by evaluating policies held by property owners, so they can better evaluate that person’s coverage.

An adjuster will also evaluate and document all details related to a claim or loss. They can then negotiate with the insurance carrier on behalf of the property owner, to get the highest payout possible. Adjusters also assist homeowners with paperwork and other details in filing a claim while ensuring they’re informed of the process every step of the way.

What Is Needed to Become an Atlanta Public Adjuster

Public adjusters are not simply office workers, and they don’t sell policies; however, they are required to be licensed through the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance. This office requires adjusters to go through a 40-hour pre-licensing course, which teaches the basics of insurance and public adjusting.

After this initial course, every potential adjuster must take an exam and complete an application process. He or she must also purchase a $5000 bond; this bond is like an insurance policy, and it pays a harmed for damages caused when an adjuster violates the terms of their bond. Note, the bond itself doesn’t cost $5000, as many companies will provide this bond for as little as $100. (See

In addition to the bond, there is usually an application fee and a licensing fee needed before a person can get their public adjuster license. The course itself might also cost around $200, and applicants are typically required to be fingerprinted, which might also include an added fee.

appraisal from public adjustment

How Do Atlanta Public Adjusters Find Jobs?

Once licensed and bonded, public adjusters in Atlanta rarely strike out on their own and need to somehow find clients themselves. Instead, he or she will usually apply at firms employing public adjusters; those firms will typically already have websites or other marketing tools, bringing in clients regularly.

Working with a firm also allows a public adjuster to get valuable hands-on training from more experienced adjusters, who can advise them on the best way to negotiate with various insurance companies. Many such agencies will also have long-standing relationships with local insurance firms, making it easier to negotiate the highest payouts for their clients.

A public adjuster can work on their own, if they maintain their license, bond, and other such requirements, but this will mean having to find clients, work individual cases while also managing paperwork, billing, and other such office work. Clients might also be more hesitant to work with a new public adjuster just starting out, and who doesn’t have a proven track record of results.

When and Why Hire a Public Adjuster

hiring a public adjuster in Atlanta

Not every insurance claim needs the services of a public adjuster; if your car has been vandalized, for example, and the insurance carrier is willing to pay a fair share of the repair costs, you might not need an adjuster to step in and negotiate with them. However, if you’ve gone through a house fire and the insurance company is offering to compensate you for only a small portion of your repair costs, it’s probably time to hire an adjuster!

A public adjuster will work with you and the insurance company, first reviewing your claim and policy, and then negotiating for the highest payout possible. He or she is then paid a percentage of your settlement or payout, which is typically much higher than if you tried to negotiate with the insurance company yourself.

Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta is happy to bring this information to our readers and hopefully it helped you better understand how public adjusters in Atlanta find jobs, and why their work is so valuable! If you’re struggling with an insurance claim of your own and aren’t ready to continue negotiations with your insurance carrier, turn to our trusted Atlanta public adjusters. We work diligently to get every client the money they deserve, ensuring all your questions are answered every step of the way. To find out more, give us a call today.

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