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Compassionate Insurance Adjuster for Fire Damage

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, in 2017, there were over one million house fires in the United States, resulting in over $23 billion in damages. With those kinds of statistics, there's no wonder why insurance companies do whatever they can to get out of paying policyholders their claim money. They will either make it impossible to gather the appropriate evidence, or they will prolong the process for as long as they can to avoid paying.

Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta is where to turn when you're wondering how to deal with an insurance adjuster after a house fire. We're an independent public adjuster firm in Atlanta that works for you, not for the large insurance corporations. We use our training and experience to explain everything that's happening in a way you can understand while also streamlining the process so you can get your money faster. Get in touch with us now to find out more.

insurance adjuster for fire damage in Atlanta
insurance adjuster after fire damage in Atlanta

Reach Out Before Filing Your Insurance Claim After the Fire

When the smoke clears, and things settle down following a structure fire, you're going to want to get ahold of someone to help you pick up the pieces. Your insurance company isn't the right call to make. Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta has a skilled insurance adjuster for fire damage in Atlanta, and we want you to reach out to us first following fire from:

  • Accidents 
  • Lightning strikes
  • Electrical issues
  • Vandalism

These are just some of the reasons why your insurance policy will cover your losses from property damage due to a fire. To discover what your particular provider is responsible for, meet with our public adjuster for fire damage in Atlanta, and we can go over all the details.

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Get Your Family Back Home with Our Insurance Adjusters

You've heard a story about a friend, family member, or neighbor that has suffered through a house fire. Because of the water from the fire department, smoke, and soot damage, they had to find a place to live for a time while they waited for their insurance company to pay their insurance claim in Atlanta. Let us prove we're on your side, and get you home quicker.

  • No sorting through confusing paperwork
  • No gathering evidence
  • No back and forth with your insurance company
  • No deadlocks or low ball offers

After you've been through a fire, you want to get back to your normal life sooner rather than later. We can be your advocate, so you don't have to fight with a stubborn insurance agent. With our reputation, these organizations listen and act when they know you have hired us as your insurance adjuster for fire damage in Atlanta.

public insurance adjuster in Atlanta for smoke and fire damage
meeting insurance adjuster for fire damage in Atlanta

Never Accept Your Insurance Agents First Settlement Offer

You did what you thought you were supposed to and called your insurance company after the fire department drove away. Their agent shows up and starts their assessment. It won't take you but a few moments to realize that they are doing what they can to lower their estimate. During one of the most critical times in your life, you shouldn't have to deal with a crook who you thought was on your side.

Our independent insurance adjuster will give you an honest and fair assessment that you can put up against the valuation your insurance company offered. When they see that you've taken the time to hire an expert like us, you can expect to get what you're owed without all the pushback. Call now and ask about our success rates!


Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta: We're the Best in the Business!

Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta is where you can turn when you're feeling alone after a house fire in Atlanta. Our claims adjusters have been through these trying times with a plethora of families before. We know how to approach the situation with compassion and sensitivity. Besides that, we're the professionals you want to make this as simple as possible.

  • Aware of insurance company tricks and tactics
  • Competent in all laws and regulations
  • Fast response times and agents that care about you!

Even if you've not suffered any damages from a house fire, we still want to meet with you. We can help you understand your policy or help you prepare for anything with our pre-loss and disaster planning services. Contact us today.

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