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What an Insurance Adjuster Can Do When Storm Disaster Strikes

Over the many years that Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta has been in business, we've seen some of the most destructive storm damages to homes and businesses throughout the area. We take the time necessary to do a comprehensive evaluation of what losses you have, so you have something substantial to report to your insurance provider.

The insurance adjuster for storm damage claims in Atlanta that we send to your location knows what types of things to look for, and we know what damages your insurance agent will ignore to lower your judgment. Have someone that cares about you standing next to you when it's time to file your insurance claim. Call us first!

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Call Our Claim Adjuster For Storm Damage When It's Safe

No matter what kind of storm damage you're looking at, you need to put yourself and your family first. Stay put, or evacuate if ordered, and wait for things to settle down before you try and do anything about property damage insurance claims or repairs. Our insurance adjuster for storm damage claims in Atlanta is available 24/7 for:

  • Hurricane damage
  • Tornado damage
  • Flood damage
  • Strong wind damage
  • Hail damage
  • And more

After you get the all-clear, reach out to our friendly customer service support team. We show up quickly and get right to work!

CALL (404) 467-5755

Focus on Family While Our Public Adjuster Goes To Work

A significant storm blowing through the region isn't just going to destroy your property. It's going to leave you and your loved ones in a state of shock after experiencing such trauma. Would you rather have an uncaring insurance agent around you or someone compassionate about you and your feelings? Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta puts you first in every way possible.

  • Personal attention
  • Dedication to your situation
  • Unwavering focus on your case through settlement
  • Thorough explanations for clarity

Our independent agent will do whatever we can to make sure you get the money owed to you following a storm of any kind. Schedule a consultation quickly so you can get your claim payment in a fair amount fast.

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filing an insurance claim after storm damage in Atlanta

How Long Does A Storm Damage Insurance Claim Take?

One of the most common questions our public adjusters in Atlanta hear is, how long does an insurance claim take? There is no specific timeframe for completion, and your insurance company will do everything they can to take as long as they want.

With our team working as a part of your team, you can expect to see a resolution much quicker. We know how to deal with the challenging insurance agent that's fighting against paying you what you need to clean up from a powerful storm. You'll have your check in your hands a lot faster if you invest in Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta. Ask about our long list of satisfied clients when you contact us now.


Get Ahead Storm Damage with Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta

The steps involved in filing an insurance claim are complicated, and something that you should never try and undertake on your own. With our leading insurance adjuster for storm damage claims in Atlanta on the scene, you won't get stuck trying to decipher what to do next. We handle everything from documentation and gathering evidence to filing the paperwork and discussing your valuation with your insurance company. Discover all the benefits, including:

  • Licensed, bonded, insured, and qualified agents
  • Several years of experience
  • Locally owned and operated
  • 24/7 responses 

Do you want to get ahead of the storm? Call Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta now and ask about how you can have everything you need in order through our pre-loss and disaster planning services!

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