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About Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta

With over 16 years in the field of insurance, Ramon and the rest of the Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta team can help with your property damage claim, disaster plaining, coverage review, and much more. We partner with structural engineers, investigators, and accountants to make sure your claims are handled with the utmost attention. Our public insurance adjusters are the ones you want in your corner.

Reach out to our Atlanta public adjusters for property damage claims, claim settlement, and more. 

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Trust a Public Adjuster, Atlanta!

When you're dealing with your insurance company, you want someone fighting in your corner. Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta has caring, compassionate, and understanding professional insurance claims adjusters that won't make you jump through hoops. We're on your side, and we will stick with you until you get the recovery amount for your losses that you deserve.


Your insurance adjuster in Atlanta that we send to you isn't working for the insurance company. We will give you a fair estimate on what you're losses are so you can get what you need for repairs.

Insurance Dispute Mediation

After you've suffered property damages, your insurance company is likely going to offer you an amount that is below what is fair. We can meditate with your agent to avoid arbitration or messy court cases.

Pre-Loss & Disaster Planning

Before the storm arrives, you can have everything you need in order with the help of our disaster insurance adjusters. You shouldn't be left searching for documentation during an already chaotic period.

Builders Risk Policy Adjusters

Are you thinking of adding on to your property? Then you need to understand the benefits of builder's risk insurance coverage. Our knowledgeable agents are here to discuss all of your options.

Property Damage Insurance Claims

Property damage insurance claims can get confusing quickly, especially if you don't know what coverage you have. We will talk you through everything so you can put your mind at ease and get your recovery quicker.

Partnerships With Local Contractors

Are you a local contractor? We want to hear from you! Get commissions for getting us hired by your client, and help us streamline the process for our valuable customers together for satisfaction from every angle.

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Get the Maximum Benefits From Your Insurance Policy With Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta

As a homeowner or business owner, you've been paying insurance policy premiums for some time now. It's unfortunate but more common than what you may think for those insurance companies you've been investing in to go against you when you need them the most. That's when you want Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta working for you!

public adjuster for mold damage insurance claim in Atlanta

Get an Honest Property Damage Appraisal in Atlanta, Georgia

After your home has suffered property damage, your insurance company is going to send an agent out to do an inspection. While they are trained in what they're doing, they are also working for the company they represent. That means they are going to do whatever it takes to avoid paying you. Melo Public Adjuster Atlanta is the opposite of that. We're here to get you the most for your damages so you can make the necessary repairs without having to cut corners. The benefits of licensed public adjusters in Atlanta, GA start with:

  • Faster resolution of an insurance claim
  • Maximum recovery valuation
  • Preparation and submission of confusing documents
  • Personal attention
  • Quick response times

Instead of settling for the number your insurance company puts in front of you, get the real amount that you're owed from our honest property damage appraiser in Atlanta. We will represent you from the start through the resolution to eliminate stress, anxiety, and you being taken advantage of. Call us today for all the details.

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Insurance Claim Mediation Keeps Your Insurance Company in Check

Many property owners will go through the insurance claim process independently, without even considering representation by an insurance adjuster in Atlanta. Sometimes it works, but other times you will find that you're in a never-ending battle with an agent that won't budge.

Just because we weren't there from the start, doesn't mean we can't jump in and assist you in the middle. With our mediation specialists working for you, you have someone with knowledge, experience, and authority that your insurance company can't ignore.

The longer you're arguing with your insurance agent, the longer you'll be waiting for your recovery check. We can speed up the process so you can get what you're owed and get on with your life. Learn more by calling our Georgia public adjusters today!

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insurance adjuster after fire damage in Atlanta

Pre-Loss & Disaster Planning Puts You in the Best Position

Pre-loss and disaster planning is one way to make sure you're ready for whatever comes your way. You can't predict the weather, and you'll never be able to stop an intruder that has their sights set on damaging your property or stealing from you either. What you can do, is be prepared for the "just in case it happens" scenario.

Our disaster insurance adjuster in Atlanta will do a comprehensive evaluation of what you have, and what kind of risks you're looking at for property damages from storms or other events. We will organize all the documentation your insurance company is going to want to see, so you have everything ready to go.

While we're there, we will give you the time required to go over your existing policy so you can understand where you're covered and if any gaps could lead to issues down the road. Be ready for anything by calling us now and learning more about public adjusting!

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Stay Protected with a Builders Risk Insurance Adjuster in Atlanta

When you're looking to expand on your business, you're hoping to improve, not to make things worse. However, things can happen during construction that has the potential of setting you back. With the proper builder's risk insurance coverage in place, you won't be held accountable for things that happen that are out of your control. If you're thinking of adding on to your residential or commercial location, let us walk you through your options.

Fire, theft, flood, and vandalism are all possibilities during construction, but that doesn't mean that you should be held liable. If you have builder's risk insurance and you've suffered through one of these situations, get in touch with us today. We will help you get the money you need to get your additions back on track.

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We're Competent in a Variety of Insurance Companies Claim Types

Depending on the type of property damage you've suffered, there are different ways to make your claims to your insurance company. We can send one of our experienced insurance claims adjusters in Atlanta to your location for an evaluation. Then we can determine the best course of action to get your valuation for your losses quickly. Get in touch with a public adjuster in Atlanta, GA for your:

  • Water damage
  • Storm and wind damage
  • Roof damage
  • Smoke and fire damage
  • Mold damage

Let us take the guesswork and stress off of your shoulders when it comes to your insurance claim in Atlanta. Call us first for a free evaluation, and you'll be able to focus on your family and what's most important during this critical time.

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Our Partnerships with Local Contractors Are Rock Solid

When we work with a property owner that's dealing with damages, they are going to need a contractor that can complete the repairs quickly and at reasonable prices. That's why we work with local building contractors through our referral program.

You can refer your existing clients that need a public claims adjuster in Atlanta to us, and we will pay you commission for getting us hired. In return, we can refer you to the clients that we meet with that don't know who they want for a builder because we have a history, and we feel confident in everyone we partner with.

Reach out to us today if you're a contractor in Atlanta, and we can discuss how working together as a team is going to benefit you, us, and number one, the clients we serve!

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Find A Public Adjuster in Atlanta or in Your Local Area!

When you search for a public adjuster in Atlanta, you want to make sure that you're getting someone that's up-to-date and knowledgable on the local laws and guidelines for insurance claims and adjustments. That's us at Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta! Find your location here, and then give us a call for fast response times 24 hours a day.

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