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Are You A Contractor Looking to Partner with an Independent Adjusters in Atlanta?

We believe in giving each of our customers a stress-free, straightforward experience when they have to file an insurance claim in Atlanta. If you're a local contractor looking to do the same, we want to hear from you!

Fair & Honest Compensation

Our independent adjusters in Atlanta have worked with all types of contractors over the years. Some of them have been cheated out of their hard-earned money. Only because the insurance company didn't come through with their end of the deal. With our determination, you can expect the compensation you deserve for the property damage repairs you provide our clients.

FREE Recommendations

There aren't a whole lot of options when it comes to FREE advertising and recommendations these days. Sure, you can splatter your name across social media and other sources, but it's proven that word of mouth is the ideal way to hire a contractor for most homeowners and business owners. If we like the results you provide, we won't have any issues sharing your company name.

Continuous & Streamlined Workflow

When you started your business as a building contractor, you knew that there were going to be ups and downs. Things get crazy busy, and then you hear nothing for days, weeks, or even longer. We have built a solid list of clients, and our reach is continuing to grow. With your name on our list of contractors, those unbearable slow days will be a thing of the past.

100% Satisfaction

The primary objective as independent adjusters in Atlanta is putting our customers and their needs first. Even after we've taken care of their insurance claim in Atlanta, we want to make sure that they get the repairs they need at a fair price and in a sensible amount of time. As long as you're a contractor that believes in 100% satisfaction, we want to find out how we can help each other and our clients all at the same time!

Referral Program

Of course, you're still going to be going out into the community and finding your own clients. If you pull in to a job site and see that there is a need for an insurance adjuster for a storm damage claim in Atlanta, we hope that you tell them about what Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta can do for them. If they hire our independent insurance adjusters, we will give you a commission to show you how much we appreciate you sharing our name.

Trusted Agents

There are rules and regulations in place in Atlanta and throughout the United States about contractors and public adjuster firms in Atlanta working together. We want you to know that we follow all the proper protocols and laws to keep our customers protected, as well as our relationship with the contractors we partner with honest. With our reputation in the community, you'll get more new clients the right way.


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"Fast, professional, and highly informed. I was happy with all aspects of the job. Would absolutely recommend to any friends and family."
- Trey Edwards

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If you're a local contractor that values honesty, integrity, and putting the customer's needs first, then our independent adjuster in Atlanta wants to hear from you today. We can go over all the details of how our contractor referral program works and how it benefits you, us, and, most importantly, the clients that we serve.

You will have the opportunity to build your reputation, and your profits when you're partnered alongside the most committed public adjuster firm in Atlanta. While we can't force our clients to pick you to do their property damage repairs, we can make a strong suggestion as long as the work you provide meets our standards for quality.

We have already built a stable relationship with our consumers, so they trust our judgment when they have received their insurance claim determination and need to hire someone to help get their building back to normal. Do you think you are who we're looking for in a contractor partner? Then call us today to set up an appointment. We're looking forward to meeting you!

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