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Are You Looking at Hail Damage to Your Roof?

Living in an area where hail is common, you know how this overpowering precipitation can leave a path of destruction. While your first thoughts are going to be defeat, Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta is here to give you hope!

We have years of experience working as an insurance adjuster for roof damage in Atlanta, and we can streamline the process for getting your claim completed without any additional stress or headache.

Our dedicated public adjusters in Atlanta take the time necessary to guarantee you the maximum valuation for your losses. Don't get stuck paying out of your pocket for something that was out of your control. We're here to help you figure out how, so call now.

hail damage roof in Atlanta
insurance adjsuter for hail roof damage in Atlanta

An Atlanta Insurance Adjuster for Roof Damage Can Help!

Did you know that your homeowner's insurance policy covers all types of property damage when a hail storm comes through your city? While there is likely going to be roof damages, there can be losses to other valuables around your property. Do a quick inspection of all of these items when it's safe to go outside:

  • Vehicles
  • Shutters
  • Siding
  • Wood fences
  • Other exterior surfaces or property

Even though the damages aren't to your building structure specifically, our insurance adjuster for roof damage in Atlanta can help you get the coverage you've been paying for all these years. Call today for a FREE consultation.

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Does Homeowner's Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

As long as you've been doing the responsible thing as a homeowner and taking proper care of your roof, there's no reason why you should have to pay for a leak. The water is likely getting through because of damages caused by the outside elements. If there has been a recent hail storm, our independent adjusters know how to differentiate between storm damage and normal wear and tear. We can also inspect other areas while we're there collecting your evidence: 

  • Air conditioning systems
  • Windows
  • Screens
  • Tools
  • And more!

If you notice a water leak in your roof after a hail storm or powerful winds, reach out to us right away. We will take the steps necessary to get you the money you need to become whole again. Call now to find out all the details.

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Get The Best Public Adjuster For Roof Damage in Atlanta Now!

There are plenty of public adjusters in Atlanta, but when you're making the investment in your property and your future, you want the best public adjuster. We've been labeled as the number one choice for homeowners and business operators in Atlanta for years.

There is someone on our staff that will start by taking your call and giving you the time required to ensure you completely understand everything that's going on. We never cut corners, and we won't ever leave you in the dark. We're available around the clock to answer your questions or to clear up any concerns you may have at any point. We're waiting to hear from you, so call us today!


Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta Fights For Your Rights

As someone that has been paying your insurance premiums regularly, you have rights that your insurance provider doesn't want you to know about. We know all the legal aspects of filing an insurance claim, and our insurance adjuster for roof damage in Atlanta is who you can trust to protect you, your money, and your property.

  • Experienced in the field
  • Educated on all rules, laws, and regulations
  • Licensed and insured
  • Qualified and compassionate insurance adjusters

When you choose Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta, you don't have to settle for the number your insurance company puts on the table. Call on us for your property damage appraisal in Atlanta, and mediation needs too!

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