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What Does an Appraisal from a Public Adjuster Include Atlanta?

October 13, 2020

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The experts from the Insurance Information Institute report that one in 20 that owns a home file an insurance claim for property damages annually. Homeowners and business owners expect their insurance company to help them when something goes wrong, but what they don't realize is that the corporation that's been gladly taking money from these consumers month after month and year after year aren't actually on their side. A public adjuster can help ensure everyone gets a fair valuation for their property damage insurance claim.

appraisal from public adjustment

An appraisal in Atlanta includes a review of the insurance company's valuation, assessing the smoke, fire, water, storm, or mold damage, and researching the existing policy coverage. A public adjuster works as a neutral third-party and voice of the client. The intention is to reach a reasonable agreement.

Before accepting the first number that a sneaky insurance agent offers after property damages occur, discover how you can benefit from the services of an experienced public adjuster in Atlanta.

Why Do You Need An Appraisal In Atlanta?

When a property is purchased, whether it be a home, office, industrial site, or any other building type, the bank requires insurance coverage. It's also assumed by the owner of the location that insurance is what's going to protect them financially in the event something goes wrong such as:

  • Fire damage
  • Smoke damage
  • Water or flood damage
  • Storm damages
  • Mold remediation

insurance adjuster after fire damage in Atlanta

While insurance agents will tell policyholders that they're covered, they secretly hope that they never have to pay for any of these unfortunate situations. That's why after a significant property damage claim is presented to an agent, he or she will do whatever they can to offer the lowest estimate to the client. So many will take what's given to them and assume that's all they are entitled to.

Public adjusters in Atlanta are specialists in getting homeowners and business owners a more generous amount for damages because they work as independent parties and do their own, honest appraisals of property damages. Unlike insurance adjusters that downplay losses, public claims adjusters assure that nothing is ignored.

After dealing with a vicious storm, unsuspecting flood damages, or if a fire devastates your dwelling, hiring a public adjuster is an ideal choice. The appraisal in Atlanta they complete is more thorough, more truthful, and will guarantee a greater amount of money received after filing the insurance claim.

What's Included with Your Appraisal in Atlanta?

Before hiring a professional public adjuster to do your appraisal in Atlanta, you need to know what you're investing in. Think about what happens when a car accident occurs. The scene has to be preserved, information about the drivers is documented, paperwork for insurance is requested and submitted, and photographs are taken in some instances. There are usually police officers and insurance agents that handle this part.

meeting insurance adjuster in Atlanta

It's incredibly comparable to what happens during an appraisal in Atlanta for a property damage claim. Your insurance agent will come and do their side of the job, but understand that they aren't going to look for anything that will cost them more money. 

A public adjuster handles everything during the appraisal from start to finish, and they will leave nothing left unturned. A hired public adjuster remains neutral and plays the part similar to the police officer, working for the public, in a car crash incident.

Here is what you can expect to see during your appraisal in Atlanta when performed by an independent public adjuster:

  • Review of the existing insurance policy and deciphering of all complicated legal jargon
  • Documentation of all property damages through photographs and written records
  • Submission of all necessary information to the insurance company
  • Negotiations with the insurance agent that are fair
  • Quick resolution of the property damage insurance claim

The appraisal in the Atlanta process can instantly get confusing, overwhelming, and stressful for anyone who's not educated in the field. Property owners are already dealing with enough after damages occur, so an independent public adjuster should handle the appraisal. It will often result in issuing a more valuable insurance claim check as well.

How Can You Get An Appraisal in Atlanta From a Public Adjuster?

Getting an appraisal in Atlanta from a public adjuster is easy. Companies like Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta know that fire, floods, and storms don't happen only during regular business hours. They will have a representative available 24/7 to take calls, and they will frequently send someone out right away.

With their experience, they know that insurance companies don't want public adjusters on the scene because they can usually talk a policyholder into accepting a lower number without one. Public adjusters are the only people who stand up for the consumer's rights in a respectful and deserving way.

As soon as you suffer any property damages that you know will result in an insurance claim being filed, call the public adjuster firm and instantly get an expert on your case and in your corner.

flood claim appraisal from public adjuster

In Conclusion - Is Hiring a Public Adjuster in Atlanta Your Best Option?

In almost every instance, a public adjuster is always the best decision when getting an appraisal in Atlanta. Yes, the insurance company is still going to come and do their own investigation. As a homeowner that's been paying your premiums, you want to have a second opinion that's straightforward and honest. The public insurance claims adjuster will make sure that nothing is overlooked or undervalued. Additionally, they will work with the insurance company to get the valuation required to make all the necessary repairs to the home, office, or other structure that's been damaged.

Who We Are

Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta is a professional public adjuster firm with experience and knowledge in all property damage assessments, insurance claim mediation, pre-loss, and disaster planning, and builders risk adjustments for the Atlanta, GA area. We take the time to carefully review the insurance claim valuation offered by the insurance provider and then work diligently to get every client a fair amount for property damages. As an authority in the independent public claims adjuster industry in Atlanta, we can stand up firmly against large insurance corporations that try to get away with giving property owners less money. Instead of paying more money to cover property damage repairs that an insurance policy is meant to, it's ideal to work with a public adjuster in Atlanta that knows the system. These specialists manage all the complicated paperwork, filing, and documentation required. Melo Public Adjusters Atlanta understands how the practices work from start to finish and are genuinely passionate about supporting their clients. Initial consultations are complimentary and can occur by scheduling an in-person meeting or over the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you require a FAIR property damage appraisal in Atlanta, call Melo Public Adjusters!

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